REVEAL: Mixed Media Textile Artists

reveal  is a group of six experienced contemporary mixed media textile artists: 

Fiona Rainford, Jan Flamank, Jennie Merriman, Judy Merchant, Kerry Mosley and Wendy Rudd. 

We share a continuing interest in textile and stitch, and are inspired by new ways of developing work, using different media for expressing ideas.  Textile construction, machine and hand stitch are evident in much of our work, along with exuberant sketchbooks, fine drawings and work with acrylic sheet, wire, paper, paint, wax and collage. 

We first met whilst being mentored by Hilary Bower over a period of a year.   We exhibited the resulting work at Bankfield Museum in Halifax in 2007 under the group name: Reveal.  Our second exhibition was at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh and encouraged by the response to that, in 2012 we exhibited at Knit and Stitch in London, Harrogate and Dublin. 

In 2013 we developed new work and exhibited this at Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch in Birmingham in March 2013.  We are now exploring new exhibition opportunities in particular site specific work.

See our news web-page for some of the wonderful comments we have received from visitors to our exhibitions and for details of exhibitions planned for 2014.


To find out more about each individual artist's work click through to artists' pages: